Destino Huilo Huilo (English)

by Fundación Huilo Huilo, 24th junio 2019

Destino Huilo Huilo

This site provides information about the forestry science, lodgings, restaurants, grocery stores, artisan groups, and nonprofit organizations in the Huilo Huilo region. Whether you’re visiting, know the region well, or have lived here your entire life, these webpages contain valuable information. Some of these pages correspond to business that are part of the Association of Tourism and Commerce of Neltume. Learn about their products and services.

This page is divided into several categories which attract visitors. Select your category and visit the pages that catch your attention. We’d like to highlight a contribution from forest scientists in the page “Familia de Árboles Nothofagus.” This page describes the unique species of trees from this region.

Select your page and begin to explore.

                               Neltume to...

  • Panguipulli: 56 km.
  • Santiago: 882 km.
  • Temuco: 175 km.
  • Valdivia: 163 km.
  • Reserva Huilo Huilo: 5 km.
  • Puerto Fuy: 8 km.
  • Lanco: 101 km.
  • Villarica: 95 km.
  • Pucón: 119 km.
  • Puerto Montt: 303 km.
  • Lican Ray: 77 km.
  • Coñaripe: 48 km.
  • Liquiñe: 32 km.
  • San Martin de los Andes Argentina: 87 km.


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