Transportes Neltume (English)

by Fundación Huilo Huilo, 10th junio 2019

Member of the Neltume Association of Tourism and Commerce

What is Transportes Neltume?

This business is able to transport up to 7 people in one vehicle. In its 4×4 model for more demanding journeys, there is a 6 passenger maximum.

Hours of Operation

We are open every day of the year and trips can be scheduled any hour of the day.


The Hyundai H1 Minibus with reclinable seats has the capacity for 7 passengers with luggage or 10 passengers without luggage. The 4×4 vehicle is a Mitsubishi GLS with capacity for up to 6 passengers and carry-on luggage.


Property of Sr. Víctor Gutiérrez

Address: Los Arrayanes s / n, Neltume               

Phone Number:         +56 9 7553 9664                   

                                      +56 9 6676 6688