Karü Lawen (English)

by Fundación Huilo Huilo, 14th junio 2019

In April 2015, eight women in Neltume decided to begin learning the art of creating fairies, which represent the medicinal herbs found in the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. Since then, our “taller” (workshop), Karü Lawen, has evolved. We are focused on creating magical characters to educate visitors on the local biodiversity and culture. Each fairy is carefully designed and constructed, with new designs constantly developing as our group continues to find inspiration from our natural surroundings.

Our Story
We founded our Karü Lawen (which means Women Healers in Mapudungun) workshop in April 2015. It has grown to include members between the ages of 23 and 60 years old. Our goal was to be inclusive, empowering women. Many of us had never worked previously and focused on taking care of our homes. Now, we can work at home on our designs and spend time with our families, and simultaneously learn from other Women Healers. Karu Lawen has given many of us a welcoming community and brought our individual families closer together, as spouses and family members can help throughout the production process.

Every fairy’s design encapsulates the spirit of its respective medicinal plant. We spend time perfecting each product that is sold, making sure that they reflect accurately their original model. To learn the techniques and styles necessary for new designs, each member takes time out of her day to truly concentrate and practice. Once ready for real production, we work in series of steps which involves making fairies in batches, starting with the easier parts of a fairy first and then working our way to the more complicated ones. For example, we make the bodies of a fairy all at once, add hair to each, and finish with the drawing of her face. Once production is complete, every single fairy is inspected and approved before being sold.

The Designs and the Process

As of 2018, we have 13 total products: one small magnet based on the elderflower and 12 fairy figurines inspired by plants like the rosemary, ulmo, borage (starflower), dandelion, Ribwort Plantain (“seven veins”), chilco, nettles, elderflower, rosehip, oregano, chamomile, and lavender. Each one features natural materials (nuts, seeds, leaves, wood moss) collected directly from our surroundings to truly connect our environment with our own creativity.

Where To Find Our Products

1. Café del Bosque

2. Café del Duende

3. Cafetería de la Selva Patagonica de la Montaña Mágica


Contact: Viviana Saavedra – 9 8730 4156

Gallery of Our Process

Gallery of Products