Volunteers & Interns

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We have at your disposal an exclusive program to collaborate in the field, get to know how we work and be part of of team for a set period.

Our classic volunteering program is: 

Job Profil


The work consists of living at the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve and having responsibility for taking care of the locations where we have a population of a native deer from Chile that is in danger of extinction; scientifically named Hippocamelus bisulcus, common name: Huemul. This work is in the mountains with our rangers in the wild. Don’t worry; you’ll have rest days down in Neltume in our headquarters.

Also, You have to work in tourism. This placement consists of, for the most part in working in our coffee shops. But not like any other coffee shop you have visited: these cafes are where all the handicrafts made by the local people are received. They are also a place where educative and scientific material is sold and additionally the menu is focused on local traditions. On the other hand, we have the beautiful treks discovering flora, fauna and the community tourism done inside the Biological Reserve and also around important places near Neltume.


There is a fee of US $240 per month for your food and accommodation.

Max stay: Two months


This placement consists, on one hand being in charge of the creation of new projects in different lines focused on improving the the management of the organization, community services and innovation. On the other hand, this placement consists of looking for national and international funding.


Must have post high school studies

Minimum stay: Two months

To find out all the details of the program and the application stages, download the manual and fill in the application form, or send us an email to